LA Weekly – Art Pick of the Week

by Peter Frank December 13-19, 2002

By Peter Frank

The effect of Kristin Leachman’s “braid paintings” :
What seem at first stripey, luminous abstractions reveal themselves as densely crosshatched planes, their beveled units interlinking to suggest the surfaces of tightly woven rugs. It’s a handsome formula, but Leachman isn’t satisfied with simply cranking out illusory color fields. In this show’s immense (19 foot-long) centerpiece, these cascading mat patterns give way to a sequence of visual non sequiturs. That is, each group of images makes sense in and of itself, but in the picaresque horizontal sequence of groups, another, less stable and more purely lyrical logic prevails, linking figures with flat non-objective shapes, rainy veils with transparent silhouettes, flat bright color with advancing and receding shades of gray. Never a dull moment.

Kristin Leachman at Newspace,5241 Melrose Ave. (323) 469-9353. Thru December 21.